Stay secure in the cloud - probably the shortest description of my interests and my motto . My recipes of achieving this, it-security infrastructure designs and remarks are shared in my blog: security+. My area of interests could be described as: Cloud and Physical IT infrastructure, IT-security. Really passionate about new technologies and OpenSource

Amazon AWS Cloud
Private Cloud
BSD & Linux
information security
Project management
IT Infrastructure


Work experience

Radialpoint Infrastructure Architect and Infosec Lead
Amazon AWS migration: Migration of the production infrastructure to the AWS cloud. Cloud infrastructure and security design; hands-on implementation using CloudFormation, Terraform and AWS native services. Successfully managed PCI DSS(3.0) compliance assessment, implemented SaaS based security log management system
Radialpoint NOC Team lead and senior system administrator
Design and hands-on deployment of the CloudStack-based private cloud environments, company's DR infrastructure in the public(AWS) cloud. Deployments and operation of the various infrastructure components, OS and security devices.
Tangoe Canada IT security consulter
OpenBSD firewall cluster designed and builded to provide high available, robust and cost efficent VPN concentrator, Load balancer and firewall. Zero downtime migration from the previous FW solution. IT security audit of the various linux systems
Mentel IT solutions System Administrator
Zero Downtime migration company's production servers to the KVM virtual enviroment (P2V). Deployment of the HA and Highly loaded web application environments, daily operation of the 60+ linux servers, Brocade and Cisco SW and LBs, Astaro FW, SANs(AoE, iSCSI), Database administration.
MTS UKraine Head of Infosec department
Information security governance and hands-on security systems management, Developed and maintained information security policies and controls; responsible for company-wide IT security architecture; established pentesting and it-security audit processes; Enterprise-grade security solutions implementation; Installation, operation and troubleshooting endless amount of various security devices 4 times pass SOX audit



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